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Barooga Sporties Premier Division
Division 1
Division 2
Tocumwal Golf and Bowling Club Under 16's
Tocumwal Golf and Bowling Club Under 14's
M.V.J.C Under 12's
Renegades Female Competition
1 Lundberg, MatthewNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
2 Watkins, KaleBarooga Cricket Club1000000
3 Edge, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
4 Stammers, PaulWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
5 Healey, ShaneBarooga Cricket Club1000000
6 Atkins, EugeneNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
7 Henderson, LachlanWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
8 Meyland, MarkWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
9 Warren, GerardNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
10 Harris, Brendan AWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
11 Trower, DavidWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
12 Leigh, SamBarooga Cricket Club1000000
13 Maley, JustinBarooga Cricket Club1000000
14 Buchanan, LloydNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
15 Nye, CameronBarooga Cricket Club1000000
16 Carroll, PhilNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
17 Cahir, JoelBarooga Cricket Club1000000
18 Morgan, DavidNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
19 Stanyer, JamieBarooga Cricket Club1000000
20 Bunge, ZekeBarooga Cricket Club1000000
21 James, DaleNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
22 Boyd, BrianNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
23 Wilson, JamesWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
24 Dimble, MatthewBarooga Cricket Club1000000
25 Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
26 Knight, RoryWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
27 Nihill, NedNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
28 Zammit, SeanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
29 Edwards, JeremyWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
30 Bradbury, RobertWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
31 Tatt, KaneWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
32 Todd, Bradley PDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
33 Smith, Bowen NNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
34 Bell, Bailey JNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
35 Trimby, RyanWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
36 Stevens, Clay JNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
37 Gow, RileyBarooga Cricket Club1000000
38 Hogan, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
39 Hawks, HarrisonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
40 Walpole, Jackson LNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
41 Walpole, CoreyWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
42 Hixon, HaydenWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
43 Hardy, JamieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
44 Revell, JoshWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
45 revell, chrisWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
46 Booth, DavidWaaia Cricket Club 0010000
47 Byrnes, Thomas DNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
48 Moore, SebastianWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
49 Williams, TomWaaia Cricket Club 0100000
50 Zammit, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0100000
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Total Records: 68   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next
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