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Matches Played

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A Grade
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Under 16's
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M.V.J.C Under 12's
Cobram Panel Works T/20 Competition
1 Owen, RobertTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
2 Wilson, MarkNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
3 Lundberg, MatthewNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
4 Watkins, KaleBarooga Cricket Club1000000
5 Chandler, DaleTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
6 Edge, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
7 Cleary, Daniel CCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
8 Parr, AndrewBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
9 Ashcroft, JoelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
10 Andrew, BrettCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
11 Peace, Justin WCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
12 Gallagher, Brett JCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
13 Hogan, AndrewCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
14 Jaensch, Matthew CBarooga Cricket Club1000000
15 Cook, AdamKatunga Cricket Club0100000
16 Sulman, SteveNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
17 Bell, JasonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
18 Hawks, NealeNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
19 Ross, Brodie TNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
20 Bray, RobertBarooga Cricket Club0100000
21 Beams, TomBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
22 Walpole, Adam LNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
23 Anderson, RussellFinley Cricket Club0010000
24 Shaw, ChrisTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
25 Warren, GerardNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
26 Zito, Albert PCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
27 Henderson, DanielKatunga Cricket Club0100000
28 Leigh, SamBarooga Cricket Club0100000
29 Oliver, RanjiTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
30 Maley, JustinBarooga Cricket Club1000000
31 Carr, StevenKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
32 Edis, GlenKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
33 Erickson, AndrewKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
34 O'Dwyer, JonBarooga Cricket Club1000000
35 Stephens, Jason GBarooga Cricket Club0100000
36 Elzinga, AaronBarooga Cricket Club0100000
37 Coulson, AaronTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
38 Hindle, DarrenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
39 Andrew, Jonathen MCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
40 Brereton, DavidNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
41 Massingham, PaulFinley Cricket Club0100000
42 Stanyer, JamieBarooga Cricket Club1000000
43 Bunge, ZekeBarooga Cricket Club0100000
44 Kalz, RonaldCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
45 Thompson, TravisKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
46 Fowles, Sam CKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
47 Clarke, MatthewFinley Cricket Club0100000
48 McAllister, ShaunKatunga Cricket Club0100000
49 Arthur, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
50 James, DaleNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
51 Miles, Toby JKatunga Cricket Club0100000
52 Meloury, RodneyTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
53 King, AnthonyFinley Cricket Club0010000
54 Leatham, PhillipFinley Cricket Club0010000
55 Ervin, JamesCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
56 Ross, MatthewBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
57 Isedale, TomFinley Cricket Club0010000
58 Donkin, RyanFinley Cricket Club0010000
59 Atkin, JacobCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
60 Henery, DylanJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
61 McCormack, DarcyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
62 Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
63 Jones, ChristopherKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
64 Zammit, SeanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
65 Brooker, MichaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
66 Wade, Matthew DBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
67 Seccull, BrodieCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
68 Beaton, BraydenKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
69 Stevens, DaveBarooga Cricket Club0100000
70 Dinan, LukeTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
71 Sullivan, WadeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
72 Kelly, ChrisKatunga Cricket Club0100000
73 Todd, Bradley PDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
74 Keating, LukeJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
75 Roberts, ChristinaTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
76 Tweed, BradKatunga Cricket Club0100000
77 Irvine, TomKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
78 Harris, DanielCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
79 Andrew, BillyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
80 Thornton, Connor OBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
81 Gow, RileyBarooga Cricket Club1000000
82 Hogan, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
83 Hawks, HarrisonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
84 Oliver, TomTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
85 Hardy, JamieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
86 Oliver, JonathonBarooga Cricket Club1000000
87 Poynton, TroyTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
88 A'Vard, AlexJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
89 Knight, RoryJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
90 Latessa, AydenCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
91 Nash, ZanderJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
92 Campbell, CallumFinley Cricket Club0010000
93 Watson, MattCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
94 Lean, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
95 Campbell, Angus WDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
96 Byrnes, Thomas RNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
97 Liddell, DavidNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
98 Nihill, Tom PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
99 Kelly, BernieCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
100 Middleton, HarleyBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
101 Sutton, LachlanBarooga Cricket Club0100000
102 Kennedy, NickCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
103 Lawton, JustinJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
104 Lawton, TravisJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
105 Wilson, MatthewFinley Cricket Club0100000
106 McGrath, CougarFinley Cricket Club0100000
107 FRANKEL, JONCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
108 Decicco, NicholasCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
109 Johnston, DanielBarooga Cricket Club1000000
110 Laver, MichaelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
111 McKenna, NathanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
112 Summerville, BraydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
113 Zammit, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
114 Congues, HenryNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
115 Congues, ArchieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
116 Isedale, CameronFinley Cricket Club0100000
117 Whitford, BenjaminKatunga Cricket Club0100000
118 Sneddon, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
119 Taylor Nugent, ZacharyBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
120 Lukies, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
121 Coombs, BaileyFinley Cricket Club0100000
122 Webb, DarcyFinley Cricket Club0010000
123 Hyde, TarkynCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0100000
124 Ellis, DanielBarooga Cricket Club1000000
125 Pyle, LachlanBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
126 Rennick, ReillyTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
127 Bennett, BrodieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
128 Baker, Dylan CKatunga Cricket Club0100000
129 Lavery, WillBarooga Cricket Club1000000
130 Goodson, MichaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
131 Sutton, HughBarooga Cricket Club1000000
132 Pitts, LiamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
133 Rees, DaleFinley Cricket Club0010000
134 Lukies, KeplerKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
135 Whelan, ThomasBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
136 Knight, OliverJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
137 Mason, ArchieFinley Cricket Club0100000
138 King, HarrisonFinley Cricket Club0100000
139 Boyd, SamuelNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
140 Hawks, EvieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
141 Lundberg, KaiNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
142 Rattray-Robert, KaneBarooga Cricket Club0100000
143 King, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
144 Whelan, MattBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
145 Malik, Adnan ZFinley Cricket Club0100000
146 Binks, CooperNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
147 Thorp, NicholasKatunga Cricket Club0100000
148 Chesworth, BenFinley Cricket Club0010000
149 Poole, SamBarooga Cricket Club0100000
150 Poole, JakeBarooga Cricket Club1000000
151 Nash, CruzJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
152 Deegan, CodyTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
153 Peacock, MatthewFinley Cricket Club0010000
154 Marshall, StephenDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
155 Ashcroft, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
156 Hillier, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
157 OHARA, LachlanKatunga Cricket Club0100000
158 Dixon, ZacTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
159 Petric, AaronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
160 Stokes, SamuelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
161 Lawler, CameronFinley Cricket Club0010000
162 Walpole, BradyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
163 Shannon, Jade WCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
164 Hulley, CallumCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
165 Hillier, CharlieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1001000
166 Holloway, LachlanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0101000
167 Bradley, NoahDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
168 Bradley, AnthonyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
169 Thakur, RahulTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
170 Croker, WillDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
171 Herberte, JakeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
172 Bennett, PatrickTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
173 Hardwidge, HunterTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
174 Loats, BradBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
175 Pyle, ChrisDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
176 Armer, IanFinley Cricket Club0010000
177 Jefferies, MitchellDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
178 Champagne, JacobTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
179 Adams, LachlanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1000000
180 Paterson, HarryKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
181 Thorn, DanielNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
182 Hooper, JamesBarooga Cricket Club0100000
183 Pyle, DarcyBerrigan Cricket Club0100000
184 Ezard, JaiDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
185 Hillier, KaiDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
186 McCallum, TomDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
187 Westcott, PatrickDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
188 morris, zavierKatunga Cricket Club0100000
189 Doyle, MitchKatunga Cricket Club0100000
190 Pocock, EvanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
191 Haley, LayneTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
192 Virdi, Manraj SDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
193 Anwar, Jawid IqbalKatamatite Cricket Club 1000000
194 Burn, PhilDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
195 Rose, BrettDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0100000
196 Owen, LoraTocumwal Cricket Club0100000
197 Urquhart, MurrayFinley Cricket Club0100000
198 Marshall, ThomasJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
199 Summerville, NateNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
200 Gossayn, NathanBarooga Cricket Club0100000
201 Mcilwain, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
202 Horrocks, BenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
203 Hardwidge, ChaseTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
204 Gemmill, LachieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1000000
205 O'Sullivan, JohnCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
206 Congues, EwanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
207 Liddell, BillyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc0010000
208 Webb, ClayFinley Cricket Club0010000
209 Kinney, MichaelFinley Cricket Club0010000
210 Pocock, BradDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000000
211 Ismail, FaizanJerilderie Cricket Club0100000
212 Singh, SukhdeepCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
213 Macdonald, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
214 Fitzpatrick, MillerDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
215 King, CooperDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
216 Lavars, JyahDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0001000
217 Dattoli, LennyFinley Cricket Club0100000
218 Cattell, JohnFinley Cricket Club0100000
219 Boyd-Jones, GrantCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0010000
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.