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Matches Played

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Barooga Sporties Premier Division
Division 1
Division 2
Tocumwal Golf and Bowling Club Under 16's
Tocumwal Golf and Bowling Club Under 14's
M.V.J.C Under 12's
Renegades Female Competition
Division 1 Regraded
1 Batchelor, TrentBarooga Cricket Club110000000
2 Owen, RobertTocumwal Cricket Club012000000
3 Pool, ShannonKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
4 Ash, SimonKatamatite Cricket Club 00100000
5 Wright, Matt JKatamatite Cricket Club 00900000
6 Daniel, JamesCobram Cricket Club Incorporated130000000
7 Lundberg, MatthewNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01500000
8 Watkins, KaleBarooga Cricket Club120000000
9 Chandler, DaleTocumwal Cricket Club09100000
10 Holzheimer, ShaunKatunga Cricket Club01400000
11 Crowley, Justin JFinley Cricket Club012000000
12 Sharp, LachlanKatamatite Cricket Club 50700000
13 Edge, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club130000000
14 Gow, TravisBarooga Cricket Club101000000
15 Youd, AydenKatunga Cricket Club07000000
16 Cole, PerryTocumwal Cricket Club04200000
17 Cole, DeanTocumwal Cricket Club04200000
18 Parr, AndrewBerrigan Cricket Club013000000
19 Parr, GraemeBerrigan Cricket Club012000000
20 Ashcroft, JoelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 07600000
21 Bauer, LukeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated05000000
22 Dines, SpencerTocumwal Cricket Club04000000
23 Eddy, BryanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated05000000
24 Edgar, BrennanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
25 Andrew, BrettCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 68000000
26 Olson, LucasBarooga Cricket Club00700000
27 Peace, Justin WCobram Cricket Club Incorporated011000000
28 Gallagher, Brett JCobram Cricket Club Incorporated011000000
29 Taylor, BrianCobram Cricket Club Incorporated05000000
30 Hogan, AndrewCobram Cricket Club Incorporated120000000
31 Jaensch, Matthew CBarooga Cricket Club50000000
32 Cook, AdamKatunga Cricket Club013000000
33 Rankin, JarrodKatunga Cricket Club08000000
34 Harris, TonyKatunga Cricket Club03300000
35 Patullo, HaydenKatunga Cricket Club01000000
36 Cheong, Christopher WBarooga Cricket Club001100000
37 Atkins, EugeneNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01600000
38 Smith, BrentNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc09000000
39 Quinn, AshleyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc41000000
40 Brown, DonaldNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00800000
41 Hawks, NealeNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc02100000
42 Hawks, AshleyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00200000
43 Brown, HaydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
44 Ross, Brodie TNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc100000000
45 Bray, RobertCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 001000000
46 Smith, ByronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110100000
47 Davis, Greyd'nBerrigan Cricket Club01000000
48 Anderson, RussellFinley Cricket Club014000000
49 Shaw, ChrisTocumwal Cricket Club90000000
50 Byrnes, RustyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc07000000
51 Robinson, DanielNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
52 Quinn, LukeNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
53 Warren, GerardNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc012000000
54 Smith, MattNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
55 Artavilla, Manuele BCobram Cricket Club Incorporated120000000
56 Healey, Matthew TKatunga Cricket Club02400000
57 Mittner, Paul ACobram Cricket Club Incorporated04000000
58 Hawkins, AndrewBerrigan Cricket Club01000000
59 Henderson, DanielKatunga Cricket Club08100000
60 Noble, AntonBarooga Cricket Club00 00000
61 Leigh, SamBarooga Cricket Club120000000
62 Oliver, RanjiTocumwal Cricket Club100000000
63 Maley, JustinBarooga Cricket Club50000000
64 Lavery, RichardBarooga Cricket Club00600000
65 Dawson, SteveKatamatite Cricket Club 00800000
66 Edis, GlenKatamatite Cricket Club 00900000
67 Erickson, AndrewKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
68 Mynard, TimothyKatamatite Cricket Club 00100000
69 O'Dwyer, JonBarooga Cricket Club40800000
70 Stephens, Jason GBarooga Cricket Club00400000
71 Buchanan, LloydNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01700000
72 Martin, MarkCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
73 Mc Neill, BenBarooga Cricket Club00900000
74 Nye, BrettBarooga Cricket Club00900000
75 Nye, CameronBarooga Cricket Club00 00000
76 Carroll, PhilNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc04000000
77 Nordbye, StefanKatamatite Cricket Club 001000000
78 Andrew, Jonathen MCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00400000
79 Hardwidge, ReeceTocumwal Cricket Club00900000
80 Massingham, PaulFinley Cricket Club013100000
81 Goldsworthy, JoshuaCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00800000
82 O'Kane, PeterBarooga Cricket Club00700000
83 Jones, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club01900000
84 Jones, DavidCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
85 McDonald, Lachlan JTocumwal Cricket Club00300000
86 Miles, DavidKatunga Cricket Club00200000
87 Bunge, ZekeBarooga Cricket Club100000000
88 Hodge, MathewKatamatite Cricket Club 40200000
89 Limbrick, DeanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc06100000
90 Fitzpatrick, SamCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
91 Sefton, GregCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00300000
92 Small, OliverKatunga Cricket Club01100000
93 Fowles, Sam CKatamatite Cricket Club 00300000
94 McAllister, DarrenKatunga Cricket Club01000000
95 McAllister, ShaunKatunga Cricket Club015000000
96 Arthur, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club110000000
97 Bell, DylanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
98 James, DaleNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc012000000
99 Miles, TobyKatunga Cricket Club014000000
100 Stevens - Venville, KeithTocumwal Cricket Club06100000
101 Stone, JasonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00300000
102 Boyd, BrianNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
103 Hoban, NicholasCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
104 Meloury, RodneyTocumwal Cricket Club38100000
105 Hibberd, DanielTocumwal Cricket Club100000000
106 Lawler, GregFinley Cricket Club00100000
107 Wilson, JamesKatunga Cricket Club01300000
108 Gawne, RickyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00200000
109 Pendlebury, TomKatamatite Cricket Club 110000000
110 Parnell, DanielKatamatite Cricket Club 100200000
111 Parnell, BradleyKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
112 King, AnthonyFinley Cricket Club015000000
113 Leatham, PhillipFinley Cricket Club00300000
114 Mannion, TimCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 20100000
115 Hutchinson, StraunCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
116 Ervin, JamesCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 10000000
117 Betts, MatthewCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 02800000
118 Corby, TrentKatunga Cricket Club02000000
119 Dimble, MatthewBarooga Cricket Club120000000
120 Robertson, AngusFinley Cricket Club00100000
121 Isedale, TomFinley Cricket Club02700000
122 Donkin, RyanFinley Cricket Club00400000
123 Collins, TaitKatunga Cricket Club01000000
124 Taylor, DamienBerrigan Cricket Club010000000
125 Atkin, JacobCobram Cricket Club Incorporated09000000
126 Lewis, ThomasCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 10300000
127 Ukich, HarryCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 66000000
128 O'Kane, SeanBarooga Cricket Club00700000
129 Macfayden, AngusKatunga Cricket Club02500000
130 Henery, DylanJerilderie Cricket Club00900000
131 Henery, BlairJerilderie Cricket Club00400000
132 Kneebone, JoshuaCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00300000
133 Zito, KadeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
134 McCormack, DarcyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated41000000
135 Rush, JeremyTocumwal Cricket Club02000000
136 Meloury, Brandon LTocumwal Cricket Club03000000
137 Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club91000000
138 Hibberson, ChristopherKatamatite Cricket Club 00300000
139 Haberfield, MarkCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
140 Nihill, NedNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01000000
141 Zammit, SeanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc112100000
142 Brooker, MichaelBarooga Cricket Club00600000
143 Poynton, JordanTocumwal Cricket Club31000000
144 Edwards Jr, DougCobram Cricket Club Incorporated012000000
145 Saunders, AshleyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
146 Woolley, Rhett MTocumwal Cricket Club010000000
147 Seccull, BrodieCobram Cricket Club Incorporated211000000
148 Beaton, BraydenKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
149 Stevens, DaveBarooga Cricket Club10600000
150 Daly, ScottCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 41400000
151 Russell, DavidKatunga Cricket Club00300000
152 Russell, AnthonyKatunga Cricket Club01700000
153 Silva, Priyankara RCobram Cricket Club Incorporated61000000
154 Sullivan, WadeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated04000000
155 Todd, Bradley PDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club120000000
156 Roberts, ChristinaTocumwal Cricket Club47000000
157 Macfayden, JoshuaKatunga Cricket Club09400000
158 Wright, JaiKatamatite Cricket Club 00100000
159 Packer, SimonBerrigan Cricket Club07000000
160 Tweed, BradKatunga Cricket Club010000000
161 Smith, Bowen NNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc02000000
162 Roberts, Michael ATocumwal Cricket Club110000000
163 Clarke, AlisterFinley Cricket Club00100000
164 Harris, DanielCobram Cricket Club Incorporated012000000
165 Anthony, JackJerilderie Cricket Club00600000
166 Andrew, BillyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 36000000
167 Willis, ShaunCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
168 Woolley, BrodieTocumwal Cricket Club27000000
169 Barker, MarkTocumwal Cricket Club02000000
170 Thornton, Connor OBerrigan Cricket Club03000000
171 Stevens, Clay JNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc103000000
172 Van Tilborg, GusKatamatite Cricket Club 001000000
173 Gow, RileyBarooga Cricket Club120000000
174 Hogan, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club120000000
175 Hawks, AngusNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01000000
176 Hawks, HarrisonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc91000000
177 Simpson, KallumCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
178 Allen, MatteoCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01090000
179 Johnstone, KyleCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 66000000
180 Oliver, TomTocumwal Cricket Club01980000
181 Grant, JonathonCobram Cricket Club Incorporated32000000
182 Bovalino, JacobCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 13500000
183 Congues, Clancy PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
184 Booth, RodneyTocumwal Cricket Club10000000
185 Walpole, Jackson LNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
186 Macfadyen, AaronKatunga Cricket Club01590000
187 Hardy, JamieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc012000000
188 A'Vard, MitchellJerilderie Cricket Club00800000
189 Anthony, JordanBarooga Cricket Club110000000
190 Smith, Grant-PatrickJerilderie Cricket Club00900000
191 Artavilla, IzacCobram Cricket Club Incorporated120000000
192 Hyde, TarkynCobram Cricket Club Incorporated03050000
193 Baxa, ConnorCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00090000
194 Langshaw, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 14500000
195 doyle, cooperBarooga Cricket Club00020000
196 Poynton, TroyTocumwal Cricket Club13200000
197 Neessen, BenFinley Cricket Club00080000
198 Neessen, BenJerilderie Cricket Club00300000
199 A'Vard, AlexFinley Cricket Club00070000
200 A'Vard, AlexJerilderie Cricket Club00600000
201 Knight, RoryFinley Cricket Club00070000
202 Knight, RoryJerilderie Cricket Club00800000
203 Neessen, AndrewJerilderie Cricket Club001000000
204 Latessa, AydenCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 68000000
205 Lawless, ConorKatamatite Cricket Club 001000000
206 Barker, JesseTocumwal Cricket Club100000000
207 Saunders, TobyTocumwal Cricket Club04000000
208 Balcombe, JamesTocumwal Cricket Club110000000
209 Bruce, JohnBarooga Cricket Club00100000
210 Hyde, LachlanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated30000000
211 Bignell, NathanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 30000000
212 Morton, BayleeTocumwal Cricket Club03280000
213 Dines, PercivalTocumwal Cricket Club00004000
214 Bourne, RileyTocumwal Cricket Club00080000
215 Nash, ZanderFinley Cricket Club00070000
216 Nash, ZanderJerilderie Cricket Club00200000
217 Loudon, BrentonDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club60000000
218 Carruthers, Zeke ABerrigan Cricket Club01000000
219 Campbell, CallumFinley Cricket Club05500000
220 Watson, MattCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 67000000
221 Allan, JoshuaFinley Cricket Club00100000
222 Lean, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club30100000
223 Lucas, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 10900000
224 Bourke, MattCobram Cricket Club Incorporated02000000
225 Campbell, Angus WDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club30000000
226 Silva, Jayanath MCobram Cricket Club Incorporated90000000
227 Pinnuck, FraserJerilderie Cricket Club00900000
228 Bennett, Cooper JCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 01000000
229 Beaton, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 50000000
230 Byrnes, Thomas DNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc11000000
231 Liddell, DavidNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc05000000
232 Nihill, Tom PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc12100000
233 Middleton, HarleyBerrigan Cricket Club04000000
234 sutton, lachlanBarooga Cricket Club10600000
235 McShane, LewisCobram Cricket Club Incorporated130000000
236 Kennedy, NickCobram Cricket Club Incorporated010000000
237 Joseph, JinishBerrigan Cricket Club02000000
238 Gunaratne, Vidura MBerrigan Cricket Club013000000
239 Hyde, HughCobram Cricket Club Incorporated55090000
240 Wilkinson, KyleJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
241 Lawton, JustinFinley Cricket Club00070000
242 Lawton, JustinJerilderie Cricket Club00300000
243 Lawton, TravisJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
244 Moore, KeeganCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00000000
245 Decicco, AdamCobram Cricket Club Incorporated130000000
246 Baldwin, NicholasJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
247 Wilson, MatthewTocumwal Cricket Club100000000
248 Barker, TomTocumwal Cricket Club01140000
249 Fernando, Lahiru KCobram Cricket Club Incorporated70000000
250 McGrath, CougarFinley Cricket Club013100000
251 Jorgensen, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
252 Baden, TyronCobram Cricket Club Incorporated71000000
253 Griffs, Aidan ATocumwal Cricket Club02100000
254 Iddles, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00098000
255 Slatterie, WillCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00068000
256 Andrew, JackTocumwal Cricket Club00040000
257 Andrew, JackCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 68000000
258 Miles, StuartTocumwal Cricket Club02700000
259 Brooks, ThomasCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00004000
260 Pinnuck, JamesNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
261 Summerville, BraydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc111000000
262 Morris, ScottNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
263 Zammit, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc014000000
264 Congues, HenryNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc100000000
265 Congues, ArchieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc010090000
266 Morgan, AustinNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00300000
267 Newman, WillKatunga Cricket Club013000000
268 Watson, WilliamCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00006000
269 Payne, JoshBarooga Cricket Club00020000
270 Isedale, CameronFinley Cricket Club013000000
271 Anderson, DamonFinley Cricket Club012100000
272 Andrew, KeetonCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00306000
273 Baxa, EthanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00028000
274 Whitford, BenjaminKatunga Cricket Club06100000
275 Sneddon, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated05098000
276 Taylor Nugent, ZacharyBerrigan Cricket Club012000000
277 Wells, AlistairJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
278 Lukies, BenKatamatite Cricket Club 110000000
279 Coombs, BaileyFinley Cricket Club03700000
280 O'Bryan, DanFinley Cricket Club00600000
281 Webb, DarcyFinley Cricket Club013000000
282 Webb, ClayFinley Cricket Club00250000
283 Clarke, DuncanFinley Cricket Club012200000
284 Hyde, DylanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated06000000
285 Irwin, BenDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club74000000
286 Barnett, MichaelDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02000000
287 ARMER, JACOBFinley Cricket Club00004000
288 Baker, Trent JKatunga Cricket Club011400000
289 Jackson, KodyKatunga Cricket Club00030000
290 Simpson, DanielKatunga Cricket Club01000000
291 Small, SpencerKatunga Cricket Club04100000
292 Pyle, LachlanBerrigan Cricket Club08000000
293 Rennick, ReillyTocumwal Cricket Club92000000
294 Bennett, BrodieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club110000000
295 Cormick, SethKatunga Cricket Club00005000
296 Baker, Dylan CKatunga Cricket Club011190000
297 Peters, MasonBerrigan Cricket Club01000000
298 Bell, JackNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00200000
299 Marshall, Robert KJerilderie Cricket Club00400000
300 Richmann, MitchCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 68000000
301 Hillier, TimDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club07000000
302 Draffin, OliverDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club05000000
303 Lavery, WillBarooga Cricket Club110000000
304 Goodson, MichaelBarooga Cricket Club001000000
305 Goodson, MichaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
306 Pitts, LiamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club26000000
307 McPherson, LiamKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
308 Chappell, TobyTocumwal Cricket Club00100000
309 Rees, DaleFinley Cricket Club00800000
310 Anderson, MarcusFinley Cricket Club04800000
311 Sneddon, GlenCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
312 Germano, AshleyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club62000000
313 Lukies, KeplerKatamatite Cricket Club 00106000
314 Patterson, AaronBarooga Cricket Club10000000
315 Tonta, JackDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club04000000
316 Anastasio, DomCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
317 Smith, BaileyKatunga Cricket Club00090000
318 Verhoeven, HunterCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00010000
319 Whelan, ThomasBerrigan Cricket Club012000000
320 Curtin, MilesBerrigan Cricket Club01000000
321 Haintz, FraserBerrigan Cricket Club010000000
322 Howden, CallumKatunga Cricket Club00050000
323 McKaskill, RichardBarooga Cricket Club00200000
324 Young, SamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club03000000
325 Tubb, JontyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01000000
326 Haynes, EdwardFinley Cricket Club03380000
327 Knight, OliverFinley Cricket Club00080000
328 Knight, OliverJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
329 Brooks, MichaelNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc04700000
330 Walker, DonaldCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
331 Beasley, JackCobram Cricket Club Incorporated02050000
332 Rafferty, LiamFinley Cricket Club00004000
333 Mason, ArchieFinley Cricket Club07280000
334 King, HarrisonFinley Cricket Club01515000
335 Boyd, SamuelNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc03690000
336 Hawks, EvieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00340000
337 Brown, JakeNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00180000
338 Lundberg, KaiNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01504000
339 Fellows, TomDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01100000
340 Keech, WillDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02000000
341 White, DarrenTocumwal Cricket Club34000000
342 Balcombe, RayTocumwal Cricket Club02600000
343 Mills, DylanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club06000000
344 Shaw, WillDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00200000
345 Rotherham, DylanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club110000000
346 macdonald, ryanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01300000
347 holden, andrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club03100000
348 Bond, LillyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00050000
349 Doyle, MitchKatunga Cricket Club011090000
350 Rattray-Robert, KaneBarooga Cricket Club00130000
351 Rattray-Robert, KaneCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00005000
352 Whelan, MatthewJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
353 Whelan, MatthewBerrigan Cricket Club04000000
354 Woolley, Riley MTocumwal Cricket Club01003000
355 Malik, Adnan ZFinley Cricket Club011100000
356 King, JontyFinley Cricket Club00005000
357 Thorp, NicholasKatunga Cricket Club03500000
358 Craven, DylanKatunga Cricket Club00190000
359 Simpson, NathanKatunga Cricket Club00005000
360 Oliver, AndrianaNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc08090000
361 Dickie, JordanKatamatite Cricket Club 40500000
362 Chesworth, BenFinley Cricket Club00030000
363 Poole, JakeBarooga Cricket Club50020000
364 Poole, JakeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00020000
365 Nash, CruzJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
366 Rattray-Robert, MatthewBarooga Cricket Club00000100
367 Deegan, CodyBarooga Cricket Club00020000
368 Scott, Joshua ICobram Cricket Club Incorporated04000000
369 O'Neil, JohnBerrigan Cricket Club09000000
370 White, HarveyTocumwal Cricket Club00080000
371 Richmann, JyeCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 37100000
372 Kelly, JordanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00008000
373 Walker, SethBarooga Cricket Club00000100
374 Crowley, ConnorBarooga Cricket Club00030000
375 Gatcum, RichardBarooga Cricket Club00900000
376 Young, ShannonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000000
377 Lucas, CrueKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
378 Joseph, KohanFinley Cricket Club00005000
379 Keating, LukeJerilderie Cricket Club00900000
380 Gow, JacobBarooga Cricket Club00020000
381 Wooden, KylieFinley Cricket Club00600000
382 Peacock, MatthewFinley Cricket Club00010000
383 Barnes, ClintonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00100000
384 Salter, DarbyKatunga Cricket Club00005000
385 Sampson, RileyBarooga Cricket Club20220000
386 O'Sullivan, CiaranCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00007000
387 Fox, XavierJerilderie Cricket Club00003000
388 Vescio, MenottiCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00008000
389 Eldridge, LoganJerilderie Cricket Club00001000
390 Eldridge, DanJerilderie Cricket Club00003000
391 Belling, CallumJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
392 Wettenhall, HughJerilderie Cricket Club00003000
393 Sexton, WillFinley Cricket Club00170000
394 Pyle, StuartBerrigan Cricket Club02000000
395 Barker, Joe ETocumwal Cricket Club00013000
396 Miles, JoshKatunga Cricket Club01200000
397 Ashcroft, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 46200000
398 Stewart, KalleTocumwal Cricket Club00180000
399 McPherson, JamesKatamatite Cricket Club 00005000
400 Cameron, DeclanKatamatite Cricket Club 00005000
401 Bye, TimKatamatite Cricket Club 00200000
402 Mynard, CooperKatamatite Cricket Club 00004000
403 Fitzgerald, CooperKatamatite Cricket Club 00001000
404 Erickson, ArchieKatamatite Cricket Club 00001000
405 Ullah, AmarBarooga Cricket Club100000000
406 Roy, ShudhhoJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
407 Hillier, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club55000000
408 Haley, CarsonTocumwal Cricket Club00100000
409 beer, claytonKatunga Cricket Club00690000
410 Van den Goor, MichaelKatunga Cricket Club00005000
411 Hendy, MaxKatunga Cricket Club00010000
412 Russo, VivKatunga Cricket Club00005000
413 O'Hara, LachlanKatunga Cricket Club01050000
414 Edis, DarcyKatamatite Cricket Club 00001000
415 Stephens, KiaraBarooga Cricket Club00000000
416 Stephens, MurphyBarooga Cricket Club00010100
417 Trembath, SamuelBarooga Cricket Club00000 00
418 Cheong, DeclanBarooga Cricket Club00030000
419 Cheong, NoahBarooga Cricket Club00010000
420 Iddles, JackCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00007000
421 Bouchier, Angus TTocumwal Cricket Club02680000
422 Corso, ThomasCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00016000
423 Cox, Aiden JKatunga Cricket Club00395000
424 Cox, Thomas JKatunga Cricket Club00004000
425 Dixon, ZacKatunga Cricket Club00790000
426 Brown, NathanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 001000000
427 Petric, AaronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00270000
428 Dorrity, CharliNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00020000
429 Lawler, CameronFinley Cricket Club00110000
430 Walpole, BradyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00204000
431 Dale, AarronTocumwal Cricket Club06000000
432 Wells, LachlanJerilderie Cricket Club00001000
433 Mynard, OliverKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
434 Flack, TexJerilderie Cricket Club00003000
435 Lunn, NichollasFinley Cricket Club00160000
436 Harding, AaronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc14020000
437 Harding, CameronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01194000
438 Congues, EwenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00574000
439 Allen, JosephCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00018000
440 Hulley, CallumCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00506000
441 Hillier, CharlieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club16107000
442 Raison, WilDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00001000
443 Holloway, LachlanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02407000
444 DONCON, HAYDENDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00004000
445 Rotherham, RyanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club05107000
446 Rotherham, PhilDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club010000000
447 King, CooperDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00006000
448 Bradley, NoahDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00007000
449 Bradley, AnthonyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club120000000
450 Thakur, RahulTocumwal Cricket Club00100000
451 Dudley, EdwardDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00102000
452 Mills, ZacharyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00006000
453 Stubbings, NicholasDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00006000
454 Paton, CharlieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01107000
455 Rogers, DominicDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00006000
456 Dudley, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00001000
457 croker, williamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00107000
458 Herberte, JakeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00007000
459 Rowe, SonnyBarooga Cricket Club00000100
460 Bennett, PatrickTocumwal Cricket Club02780000
461 Hardwidge, ChaseTocumwal Cricket Club00980000
462 White, MaceyTocumwal Cricket Club00005000
463 White, LoganTocumwal Cricket Club01005000
464 Hardwidge, HunterTocumwal Cricket Club00665000
465 Payne, MitchellBarooga Cricket Club00020000
466 McDonald, CameronDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club08000000
467 Hoyle, WilliamCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00060000
468 Loats, BradBerrigan Cricket Club010000000
469 Pyle, ChrisDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club64000000
470 Armer, IanFinley Cricket Club03000000
471 Jefferies, MitchellDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club010000000
472 Keech, MichaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01018000
473 McIlveen, ConnorKatunga Cricket Club00005000
474 Adams, LachlanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00406000
475 Langshaw, ConnorKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
476 Bushby, RileyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00003000
477 Power, LennyBarooga Cricket Club00000100
478 Mangion, Paul TTocumwal Cricket Club05400000
479 Lindsay, AidenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00090000
480 Roy, Shirsho SFinley Cricket Club00070000
481 Brain, JedFinley Cricket Club00300000
482 Paterson, HarryKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
483 Lukies, GiordanKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
484 Arho, SamKatunga Cricket Club00005000
485 Thorn, DanielNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00010000
486 Horrocks, BenjaminNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc03690000
487 Watson, Kiarra JKatunga Cricket Club00250000
488 Dattoli, LennyFinley Cricket Club00105000
489 Brain, ShadeauFinley Cricket Club02680000
490 Brain, ZacFinley Cricket Club00300000
491 Grieves, NateTocumwal Cricket Club00002000
492 Ogilvie, JackFinley Cricket Club00005000
493 Mangion, CooperTocumwal Cricket Club01001000
494 Locke, CharlieTocumwal Cricket Club00001000
495 Hooper, JamesCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00005000
496 Brain, JasperFinley Cricket Club00300000
497 Pyle, DarcyJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
498 Pyle, DarcyBerrigan Cricket Club04000000
499 Mason, NiamhFinley Cricket Club00005000
500 Read, DominicDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01700000
501 Ezard, JaiDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00503000
502 McKern, WilliamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00001000
503 Rodda, LukeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01600000
504 Hillier, KaiDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club010100000
505 Hay, AngusFinley Cricket Club00105000
506 Hay, JackFinley Cricket Club00105000
507 Ware, Bryce TBarooga Cricket Club00000100
508 Mathers, Jett JBarooga Cricket Club00000100
509 Mosman, Joshua JCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00006000
510 McCallum, TomDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club03700000
511 Richards, JackDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00200000
512 Westcott, PatrickDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00600000
513 Haddrell, KohenBarooga Cricket Club00000100
514 Sutton, RaymondTocumwal Cricket Club00234000
515 Purtill, LiamTocumwal Cricket Club00001000
516 Sutton, AlanaTocumwal Cricket Club00004000
517 Bennett, JessicaTocumwal Cricket Club00005000
518 Dixon, JorjaKatunga Cricket Club00052000
519 Campbell, Sami JTocumwal Cricket Club00005000
520 morris, zavierKatunga Cricket Club00005000
521 Pocock, EvanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club120000000
522 Campbell, AshaTocumwal Cricket Club00004000
523 Eddy, MaskymTocumwal Cricket Club00015000
524 Haley, LayneTocumwal Cricket Club00203000
525 banner, ainsleighKatunga Cricket Club00005000
526 Harris, Cody WCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00006000
527 Frostick, NedNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00014000
528 Holloway, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02700000
529 O'Dwyer, KeeleyBarooga Cricket Club000000 0
530 O'Dwyer, MackenzieBarooga Cricket Club00000000
531 Hannon, WilliamFinley Cricket Club00004000
532 Brain, JocFinley Cricket Club00105000
533 Shilling, TobiasKatamatite Cricket Club 00006000
534 Shilling, Mark - JacobKatamatite Cricket Club 00004000
535 Rowe, Cody DBarooga Cricket Club00000100
536 Gash, NicholasBarooga Cricket Club00020000
537 Welch, CaitlinBarooga Cricket Club00000100
538 Anwar, Jawid IqbalKatamatite Cricket Club 001000000
539 Mantle, BlakeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club16000000
540 Russell, PaulTocumwal Cricket Club14100000
541 Hatton, LachlanKatamatite Cricket Club 00800000
542 Beverley, CooperBarooga Cricket Club00000100
543 Beverley, JoshCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00002000
544 Schlink, TylerBarooga Cricket Club00000 00
545 Brooker, AbigailBarooga Cricket Club000000 0
546 Spiller, AlexBarooga Cricket Club00000100
547 Spiller, XavierCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00004000
548 Van Zyl, WianCobram Cricket Club Incorporated130000000
549 Roberts, Ewald ECobram Cricket Club Incorporated110000000
550 hughes, stephenKatunga Cricket Club03000000
551 Burnell, NicholasDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club80000000
552 Leighton-Daly`, ClaudiaBarooga Cricket Club000000 0
553 Trenerry, NoahBarooga Cricket Club00000100
554 O'Hehir, LilyBarooga Cricket Club00000000
555 Trenerry, BeauBarooga Cricket Club00000100
556 Trenerry, WillBarooga Cricket Club00000100
557 Watson, ColinKatamatite Cricket Club 100000000
558 Magowan, JamieKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
559 Gordon, SamKatamatite Cricket Club 120000000
560 Chouffot, KurtTocumwal Cricket Club00700000
561 House, BradleyTocumwal Cricket Club110000000
562 Artavilla-Bennett, MikaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00008000
563 Whelan, LachlanJerilderie Cricket Club00001000
564 Graham, SebastianJerilderie Cricket Club00005000
565 Perryman, SamKatamatite Cricket Club 00005000
566 Geisler, JaydenBarooga Cricket Club00000100
567 Noonan, JamieKatamatite Cricket Club 00100000
568 Westcott, RhysDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00300000
569 Burn, PhilDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01000000
570 Geldenhuys, LourensDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01000000
571 McCallum, GeoffreyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00500000
572 Hulley, ShaneCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
573 Boag, AdamJerilderie Cricket Club00700000
574 Boldiston, BradleyJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
575 Hyde, EamonCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00013000
576 Church, BradleyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00900000
577 McManus, JakeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club04100000
578 Griffiths, Flynn TBarooga Cricket Club00030000
579 Brain, JosephBarooga Cricket Club00000100
580 Furlanetto, MaxCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 10200000
581 Urquhart, MurrayFinley Cricket Club011000000
582 Ezard, BrockDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club01600000
583 McIlwain, DavidFinley Cricket Club01100000
584 Williams, Benjamin LJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
585 Magalotti, KyanaBarooga Cricket Club000000 0
586 Oliver, AnthonyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc02100000
587 Rodda, GaryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00300000
588 Bagg, PaulTocumwal Cricket Club06000000
589 Knight, CraigJerilderie Cricket Club00100000
590 Sheehan, WillNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00090000
591 Hart, MalcomTocumwal Cricket Club00100000
592 Mills, ShaunDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02000000
593 Marshall, ThomasJerilderie Cricket Club00700000
594 Stephens, BryceCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
595 Packer, JeremyBerrigan Cricket Club01000000
596 Hutchins, JackNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
597 Kennedy, DamienKatunga Cricket Club00100000
598 Peterson, Mark NNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01100000
599 Harris, CraigCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
600 Pritchard, PaulDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club00100000
601 McIlwain, HarryFinley Cricket Club00003000
602 Bennett, DanielTocumwal Cricket Club00300000
603 Smith, SteveCobram Cricket Club Incorporated01000000
604 Braxma, AlexNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
605 Baker, ClancyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
606 Baker, TasNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
607 Frostick, GusNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
608 Summerville, NateNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00004000
609 McAllister, ScottKatunga Cricket Club00100000
610 Brooks, KierenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00200000
611 Power, CodyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00010000
612 Wengam, DavidCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
613 Eggleton, FreddyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club 00100000
614 Harvie, PaulNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc01000000
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.