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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubA GradeB GradeC GradeUnder 16'sUnder 14'sM.V.J.C Under 12'sCobram Panel Works T/20 CompetitionA GradeB GradeC GradeUnder 16'sUnder 14'sM.V.J.C Under 12'sCobram Panel Works T/20 Competition
A'Vard, AlexJerilderie Cricket Club0110000001100000
Adams, LachlanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0001000000010000
Adams, LachlanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1100000011000000
Adkins, CooperBarooga Cricket Club0101110001011100
Alam, AniqFinley Cricket Club00001000000100
Allen, JosephCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0000130000001300
Allen, LucaCobram Cricket Club Incorporated62000006200000
Allen, MatteoCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1300000213000002
Anastasio, DomCobram Cricket Club Incorporated20400002040000
Anastasio, DomenicCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00100000010000
Anastasio, RoccoCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0000130000001300
Anastasio, XavierCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00000100000010
Anderson, RussellFinley Cricket Club0012000000120000
Andrew, BillyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club90000009000000
Andrew, BrettCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club80000008000000
Andrew, JackCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club20000002000000
Andrew, Jonathen MCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club60000006000000
Andrew, KieranCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club10000001000000
Andrews, CathCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club00100000010000
Anwar, Jawid IqbalKatamatite Cricket Club 2110000321100003
Armer, IanFinley Cricket Club00800000080000
ARMER, JACOBFinley Cricket Club0041300000413000
Artavilla, IzacCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1300000213000002
Artavilla, MannyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1110000211100002
Arthur, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club74000007400000
Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1200000112000001
Ashcroft, BenCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club00100000010000
Ashcroft, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club90100009010000
Ashcroft, JoelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club50100005010000
Atkin, JacobCobram Cricket Club Incorporated05500000550000
Avery, NickCobram Cricket Club Incorporated03000000300000
Baden, TyronCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1400000214000002
Baker, Dylan CKatunga Cricket Club0120000001200000
Baker, HamishDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club0000110000001100
Baker, Trent JKatunga Cricket Club02000000200000
Balcombe, JamesTocumwal Cricket Club01000000100000
Barker, Joe ETocumwal Cricket Club00078000007800
Barnett, MichaelDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club90000009000000
Baron, LucasTocumwal Cricket Club00001400000140
Barrett, LachlanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club02000000200000
Bartlett, JeremiahKatunga Cricket Club00200000020000
********Nathalia Association Cricket Club Inc00007000000700
Bauer, LukeCobram Cricket Club Incorporated00200000020000
Bauer, RyanFinley Cricket Club00003000000300
Baxa, EthanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated0001000000010000
Baxter, CharltonFinley Cricket Club0000110000001100
Baxter, LewisBarooga Cricket Club02000000200000
Beams, TomBerrigan Cricket Club0110000001100000
Bear, IndyTocumwal Cricket Club00000300000030
Beasley, JackCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1300000213000002