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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubCNR: Junior Country Week U/14CNR: Junior Country Week U/16CNR: Junior Country Week U/17CNR: Junior Country Week U/15ACNR: Junior Country Week U/13ACNR: Junior Country Week U/13BCNR: Junior Country Week U/14CNR: Junior Country Week U/16CNR: Junior Country Week U/17CNR: Junior Country Week U/15ACNR: Junior Country Week U/13ACNR: Junior Country Week U/13B
Adams, LachlanMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Allen, JosephMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Allen, MatteoMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Anastasio, RoccoMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
ARMER, JACOBMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Beasley, JackMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Bennett, JessicaMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Bennett, PatrickMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Bennett, SamMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
Bennett-Artavilla, MikaelMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
Booth, AlexMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Bouchier, Angus TMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Bowden, Codi JMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
Boyd, SamuelMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Bull, CharlieMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
Cameron, DeclanMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Champagne, JacobMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Cook, JulesMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Dattoli, LennyMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
decicco, samMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Deegan, CodyMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Dixon, ZacMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Fitzgerald, CooperMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Frostick, GusMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Frostick, NedMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Goesch, CalebMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Gossayn, NathanMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Grieves, NateMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Haley, LayneMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Haley, ReubenMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030
Hardwidge, ChaseMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Hardwidge, HunterMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Hay, JackMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Haynes, EdwardMurray Valley Cricket Association006000006000
Herberte, JakeMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Holloway, LachlanMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Hooper, JamesMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Hulley, CallumMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Hyde, EamonMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Iddles, JackMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Iddles, NoahMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Keech, MichaelMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Kelly, JordanMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
King, HarrisonMurray Valley Cricket Association030000030000
Liddell, BillyMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Lucas, CrueMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Lukies, GiordanMurray Valley Cricket Association000003000003
Lukies, KeplerMurray Valley Cricket Association300000300000
Lundberg, KaiMurray Valley Cricket Association000300000300
Marshall, OscarMurray Valley Cricket Association000030000030