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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Decicco, AdamCobram Cricket Club Incorporated13110010
2 Oliver, RanjiTocumwal Cricket Club11100010
3 Hyde, LachlanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated13100010
4 Andrew, KieranCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1190001
5 Gow, RileyBarooga Cricket Club1480000
6 Jaensch, Matthew CBarooga Cricket Club1070000
7 Hyde, HughCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1370000
8 Leigh, SamBarooga Cricket Club1370000
9 Magowan, JamieKatamatite Cricket Club 1360000
10 Saunders, AshleyKatamatite Cricket Club 1360000
11 Harding, AaronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1260000
12 Poole, JakeBarooga Cricket Club1361000
13 Stanyer, JamieBarooga Cricket Club1453201
14 Summerville, BraydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc950001
15 Todd, Bradley PDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1350010
16 Quinn, LukeNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc10511010
17 Edge, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1452200
18 Evans, LiamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc650100
19 Baden, TyronCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1150000
20 Rotherham, DylanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club850000
21 Van Zyl, WianCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1340000
22 Ross, Brodie TNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc940010
23 Lavery, WillBarooga Cricket Club1440000
24 Bennett, BrodieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1440000
25 Pitts, LiamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1140000
26 Erickson, AndrewKatamatite Cricket Club 1340000
27 Beaton, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 1340000
28 Hogan, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1340010
29 Congues, HenryNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1140010
30 Irwin, BenDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club940002
31 Hillier, KaiDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club530000
32 Hoban, NicholasCobram Cricket Club Incorporated931010
33 Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1230002
34 Ukich, HarryCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club830000
35 Watkins, KaleBarooga Cricket Club730000
36 Young, ShannonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1030000
37 Maley, JustinBarooga Cricket Club1130010
38 Lean, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1030000
39 Grant, JonathonCobram Cricket Club Incorporated530000
40 Lukies, BenKatamatite Cricket Club 530000
41 Casha, TomKatamatite Cricket Club 1230000
42 Tierney, James MKatamatite Cricket Club 1030001
43 Goldsworthy, KaneCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club720000
44 Boyd, SamuelNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc220000
45 Benn, LiamCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club920000
46 Gallagher, Brett JCobram Cricket Club Incorporated320000
47 Nihill, Tom PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc320000
48 Jones, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1120000
49 Andrew, JackCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1220000
50 Germano, AshleyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club920000
51 Ashcroft, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club921100
52 Arthur, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1120000
53 Quinn, AshleyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc521000
54 Artavilla, Manuele BCobram Cricket Club Incorporated824220
55 Carroll, PhilNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc921010
56 Ellis, DanielBarooga Cricket Club1227520
57 Beasley, JackCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1320001
58 Hillier, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club720000
59 Thakur, RahulTocumwal Cricket Club920000
60 Bennett, PatrickTocumwal Cricket Club920000
61 Venter, MandusDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club620000
62 Shaw, ChrisTocumwal Cricket Club1220000
63 Hibberd, DanielTocumwal Cricket Club1020000
64 Beaton, BraydenKatamatite Cricket Club 1320000
65 Barnett, MichaelDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club9213300
66 Congues, Clancy PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc920002
67 Balcombe, JamesTocumwal Cricket Club1222200
68 Jorgensen, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1121000
69 Pocock, EvanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1320000
70 Daniel, JamesCobram Cricket Club Incorporated720000
71 Cheong, Christopher WBarooga Cricket Club320000
72 Johnstone, KyleCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club210000
73 Congues, ArchieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1110110
74 Rennick, ReillyTocumwal Cricket Club1010000
75 Hawks, HarrisonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc511000
76 Tubb, JontyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club519110
77 Oliver, TomTocumwal Cricket Club610010
78 Watson, MattCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club910000
79 Sneddon, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated410000
80 Chappell, TobyTocumwal Cricket Club110000
81 Brock, DanielCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club110000
82 Hillier, CharlieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club210000
83 Dorsey, SamKatamatite Cricket Club 1110000
84 Sutton, HughBarooga Cricket Club310000
85 Tonta, JackDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club310000
86 Adams, LachlanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1010000
87 Roberts, ChristinaTocumwal Cricket Club1010000
88 Stevens, Clay JNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc210000
89 Allen, MatteoCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1010000
90 Owen, RobertTocumwal Cricket Club210000
91 Thomson, StuartCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club210000
92 Haberfield, MarkCobram Cricket Club Incorporated310000
93 Van Zuyden, Jeremy OKatamatite Cricket Club 1310000
94 Irvine, TomKatamatite Cricket Club 710000
95 Ashcroft, JoelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club510000
96 Eddy, BryanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated210000
97 Latessa, AydenCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1110000
98 Dickie, JordanKatamatite Cricket Club 410000
99 Chandler, DaleTocumwal Cricket Club100000
100 Lewis, ThomasCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club200000
101 Van Tilborg, GusKatamatite Cricket Club 200000
102 poole, tomCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club100000
103 FRANKEL, JONCobram Cricket Club Incorporated200010
104 Poole, SamBarooga Cricket Club500000
105 Parnell, DanielKatamatite Cricket Club 200000
106 Jones, AndrewBarooga Cricket Club100000
107 Zammit, SeanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc300000
108 Bovalino, JacobCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club100000
109 Silva, Jayanath MCobram Cricket Club Incorporated907100
110 Laver, MichaelCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club300000
111 Hardwidge, ChaseTocumwal Cricket Club300000
112 Bunge, ZekeBarooga Cricket Club1000000
113 Garlick, TimCobram Cricket Club Incorporated100000
114 Iddles, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated200000
115 Hodge, MathewKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
116 Parnell, BradleyKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
117 Burns, Kieren JCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club100000
118 Langshaw, DylanCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club400000
119 Kalsi, Saranjit SBarooga Cricket Club1400001
120 Andrew, BillyCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club300000
121 Collyer, LukeBarooga Cricket Club200000
122 Sutton, LachlanBarooga Cricket Club200000
123 King, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc101100
124 Stephens, MurphyBarooga Cricket Club100000
125 Pool, ShannonKatamatite Cricket Club 12013300
126 Smith, ByronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc200000
127 Ervin, JamesCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club100000
128 McCormack, DarcyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated200000
129 Barrett, LachlanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club100000
130 Walpole, Jackson LNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc400000
131 Campbell, Angus WDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club100000
132 Hillier, TimDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club100000
133 Harding, CameronNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc200000
134 Bradley, AnthonyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club100000
135 Bourchier, AngusTocumwal Cricket Club500000
136 Demasi, WadeBarooga Cricket Club100000
137 Downie, Tyrone JTocumwal Cricket Club100000
138 Cahir, JoelBarooga Cricket Club400000
139 Kalz, RonaldCobram Cricket Club Incorporated100000
140 Lawless, ConorKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
141 Andrew, BrettCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club1103100
142 Nye, CameronBarooga Cricket Club300010
143 Andrew, Jonathen MCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club100000
144 Allen, LucaCobram Cricket Club Incorporated100000
145 Hulley, CallumCobram-Yarroweyah United Cricket Club900000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.