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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Decicco, AdamCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1380030
2 Beaton, BraydenKatamatite Cricket Club 1270000
3 Hyde, HughCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1270010
4 Arthur, BoddieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1170000
5 Richmann, MitchellBarooga Cricket Club970000
6 Rattray-Robert, KaneBarooga Cricket Club960000
7 Carson, MathewKatunga Cricket Club1060000
8 Gow, RileyBarooga Cricket Club1161110
9 Allen, LucaCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1260001
10 Saunders, AshleyKatamatite Cricket Club 1160000
11 Hillier, CharlieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1160001
12 Watkins, KaleBarooga Cricket Club1150010
13 Doyle, MitchKatunga Cricket Club1155210
14 Ross, Brodie TNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1150020
15 Artavilla, IzacCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1250000
16 Rennick, ReillyTocumwal Cricket Club1150000
17 Deegan, CodyTocumwal Cricket Club1250010
18 Hodge, MathewKatamatite Cricket Club 950000
19 Sneddon, NoahCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1050031
20 Baden, TyronCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1240021
21 Beaton, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 1240010
22 Beasley, JackCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1340100
23 Anthony, JordanBarooga Cricket Club540000
24 Jones, ChristopherKatamatite Cricket Club 740000
25 Boyd, SamuelNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1040020
26 Todd, Bradley PDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1240000
27 Oliver, TomTocumwal Cricket Club1241120
28 Maley, JustinBarooga Cricket Club830001
29 Hogan, AndrewDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club930000
30 Congues, EwanNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1230010
31 Cheema, ImranDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club330001
32 Virdi, Manraj SDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1030001
33 Congues, ArchieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1231010
34 Lukies, KeplerKatamatite Cricket Club 1130000
35 Downie, Shaun ECobram Cricket Club Incorporated830000
36 Hindle, DarrenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc930000
37 Hoban, NicholasCobram Cricket Club Incorporated430010
38 Hawks, HarrisonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1030000
39 Pitts, LiamDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club830000
40 Sessions, Connor TKatunga Cricket Club830000
41 Arthur, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1030010
42 Ebborn, BaileyKatunga Cricket Club320000
43 Bradley, AnthonyDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club920000
44 Ebborn, DustanKatunga Cricket Club820000
45 Hillier, HarryDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1020000
46 Haberfield, MarkCobram Cricket Club Incorporated620000
47 Oliver, JonathonBarooga Cricket Club1120010
48 Jorgensen, AdamNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc720010
49 Thorp, NicholasKatunga Cricket Club1020000
50 Whitford, BenjaminKatunga Cricket Club1120011
51 Lavery, WillBarooga Cricket Club1020002
52 Artavilla, MannyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated1122010
53 Irvine, James RKatamatite Cricket Club 1220000
54 Henderson, DanielKatunga Cricket Club1020000
55 Dinan, LukeTocumwal Cricket Club520000
56 Roberts, Michael ATocumwal Cricket Club1023000
57 McKenna, JasonNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc820000
58 Summerville, BraydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc320000
59 Miles, Toby JKatunga Cricket Club1120000
60 Lukies, BenjaminKatamatite Cricket Club 1220000
61 Allen, MatteoCobram Cricket Club Incorporated210000
62 Lean, AndrewTocumwal Cricket Club1110001
63 Quinn, AshleyNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc610000
64 Paterson, HarryKatamatite Cricket Club 1210000
65 Scott, LachlanTocumwal Cricket Club1010000
66 O'Kane, MatthewKatamatite Cricket Club 510000
67 Oliver, RanjieTocumwal Cricket Club410000
68 Nihill, NedNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc110000
69 Congues, Clancy PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1110011
70 Baker, Dylan CKatunga Cricket Club1110010
71 Poole, JakeBarooga Cricket Club510000
72 Adams, LachlanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated810000
73 Daniel, JamesCobram Cricket Club Incorporated910000
74 Leigh, SamBarooga Cricket Club110000
75 Cupido, DamianKatamatite Cricket Club 12118600
76 MacFadyen, Aaron JKatunga Cricket Club210001
77 Sharp, WillBarooga Cricket Club1010010
78 Crowley, ConnorTocumwal Cricket Club610000
79 Crawford, JustinTocumwal Cricket Club310000
80 Anwar, Jawid IqbalKatamatite Cricket Club 210000
81 Brown, HaydenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc310000
82 Connor, LachlanKatamatite Cricket Club 210000
83 Wilson, Peter FDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1010003
84 Tweed, BradKatunga Cricket Club110000
85 Byrnes, Thomas RNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc610000
86 Bennett, BrodieDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club910010
87 Holloway, LachlanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club710000
88 Morris, ZavierKatunga Cricket Club610000
89 Singh, ManasviBarooga Cricket Club110000
90 James, DaleNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc610000
91 Lundberg, KaiNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc1117120
92 Hulley, CallumCobram Cricket Club Incorporated110000
93 Mangion, Paul TTocumwal Cricket Club210000
94 Edge, DeanDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club12019400
95 Kelly, ChrisKatunga Cricket Club100000
96 Roberts, ChristinaTocumwal Cricket Club800000
97 Hester, ChrisKatunga Cricket Club200000
98 OHARA, LachlanKatunga Cricket Club100000
99 Bourchier, AngusTocumwal Cricket Club500000
100 Horrocks, BenNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc701000
101 Mangion, CooperTocumwal Cricket Club100000
102 Muppidi, Prem kumarDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club1000010
103 Gow, TravisBarooga Cricket Club100010
104 McAllister, ShaunKatunga Cricket Club1100000
105 Sutton, LachlanBarooga Cricket Club100000
106 Sutton, HughBarooga Cricket Club200000
107 Herberte, JakeDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club200000
108 Bennett, PatrickTocumwal Cricket Club1000000
109 Stewart, KalleTocumwal Cricket Club100000
110 Barker, ThomasBarooga Cricket Club103000
111 O'Kane, DesmondKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
112 Coulson, AaronTocumwal Cricket Club400000
113 Irvine, TomKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
114 Bennett-Artavilla, MikaelCobram Cricket Club Incorporated300011
115 Daniel , SimonKatamatite Cricket Club 100000
116 Stanyer, JamieBarooga Cricket Club700100
117 Nihill, Tom PNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc500000
118 Champagne, JacobTocumwal Cricket Club100000
119 Ellis, DanielBarooga Cricket Club7013100
120 Simpson, NathanKatunga Cricket Club000000
121 Cook, AdamKatunga Cricket Club100000
122 Johnston, DanielBarooga Cricket Club300000
123 Morris, ScottNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc100000
124 Mynard, OliverKatamatite Cricket Club 500000
125 Adkins, CooperBarooga Cricket Club100000
126 Gemmill, LachieNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc100000
127 Shannon, NathanKatunga Cricket Club400000
128 McShane, LewisCobram Cricket Club Incorporated11017260
129 Bradley, NoahDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club200000
130 Gossayn, NathanBarooga Cricket Club200000
131 Humphries, BlakeKatamatite Cricket Club 200000
132 Richmann, JyeBarooga Cricket Club400000
133 Bunge, ZekeBarooga Cricket Club100000
134 MacFadyen, JoshuaKatunga Cricket Club500001
135 Bell, Bailey JNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc200000
136 Binks, CooperNathalia Association Cricket Club Inc100000
137 Edis, GlenKatamatite Cricket Club 500000
138 Erickson, AndrewKatamatite Cricket Club 200000
139 Chappell, TobyTocumwal Cricket Club500000
140 Kelly, JordanCobram Cricket Club Incorporated100000
141 Rowe, SonnyCobram Cricket Club Incorporated100000
142 Jefferies, MitchellDeniliquin Rhinos Cricket Club300000
143 Sutton, LiamTocumwal Cricket Club100000
144 Haley, LayneTocumwal Cricket Club100000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.